Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's my scary time!

Today I am 11w pregnant. Last time I was pregnant, 11w (to the day) is when we found out that the pregnancy was not viable. I'm still confused as to the classification of my M/C. The Dr. said it was a missed M/C, and that the baby had stopped growing at 7-8w. HOWEVER...when she showed  Ben the ultrasound (they wouldn't let me see it) she showed him an empty gestational sac--no baby. Which, from what I understand, means that it was actually a blighted ovum and not a true missed M/C...can it be both?

Now, because I'm at my "scary time" I'm even more nervous about my appointment with the perinatologist on Wednesday. Hopefully they will at least try a doppler scan to hear the heartbeat. My mother is all over me to let her tell people about the pregnancy, but I really don't want her to let the news out until 12-13w. I guess that, if they do a doppler scan on Wednesday and we hear a heartbeat I'll be able to decide if I want her to wait any longer or if she can go ahead and tell the world. I know she really wants to, but I'm still so nervous!
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