About Us

Stephanie: I am a military wife from the Pacific Northwest. Up there, almost all of us LOVE our coffee...I mean, come on. Starbucks originated there! So, when my husband (Captain Caffeine) and I started to try for our first baby, the hardest thing for me to give up was coffee. And now that we have a baby (Monkey) to look after, coffee is even more important! I have 2 Bachelor's Degrees and a Master's Degree, but cannot seem to find a decent job to save my life, so for now I'm a stay at home mom.  I'll try my hand at almost any craft, but  my main focus is on getting back in shape after having Monkey and caring for the house and my family.

Ben:  He's a great father and provider, but a bit obsessed with his video games and energy drinks. In fact, our biggest issue is that he gets a little too into his games and I can't get his attention. Over the years it's improved a little, but he still gets nagged from time to time. Since he's in the military, we move around a lot...something we both love and hate. And, of course, he loves his coffee, energy drinks, and caffeine in general. We love getting to live in and experience different parts of the country, but we hate being so far from family, especially now that Monkey is here!

Monkey (Finn): Our first born, our pride and joy. My ear drums ring almost constantly, because his screams, while not high-pitched, are lethal. He's good about sleeping now, but watch out when he's mad. He has a slight temper, and a pout that is so pitiful it will make you laugh. He also has a smile that lights up a room and when he snuggles you think your heart will melt. He's dangerous, both when he's happy and when he's mad, because no matter what he demands attention!

Baby Boy #2: Due to make his appearance in February, 2013, this little guy has been making my back and hips ache since early October. He's a lot more active than his big brother was, so I'm hoping that doesn't mean he'll be even more active than Finn was once he was born. Love him already, but (let's face it) two active, curious boys is a lot to handle. I idolize my grandmother even more for having 5 boys in 7 years and staying sane, since I think I'm about to go crazy just thinking about how hectic life is about to get with 2!

Ally (AKA the Princess): She's our first baby, and it's painfully obvious that she was incredibly spoiled for the first 3 years of her life. She is clingy, and was extremely anxious while I was pregnant with Monkey...she lost 5 pounds and regardless of how much trouble she was in she refused to get off my lap. She also has extreme attachments to any food or food-like items you may give her, so watch your hands!

Cloe (aka the Ring-Leader): She may be the younger of our two dogs, but she's definitely the boss. Ally submits to her like her life depends on it, and that's just how Cloe likes it. She's also spoiled beyond belief, but because she was never an "only child" she also likes her alone time. She routinely "traps" herself in their room (their kennel is in our laundry room), but when we go to let her out she prefers to stay in her kennel by herself. Perhaps she's afraid that I'll make her model another baby hat I've made...

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