Tuesday, June 29, 2010

U/S #3, and yet another med

All is well! Monkey is growing great, measuring .5cm (6w2d) with a heart rate of 117.95. Hearing that heartbeat was the best sound ever!!!

The only "hiccup" (as my RE puts it) is that the yolk sac is measuring just a little small, which could be attributed to the fact that...drum roll please............one of my tests from last week showed that I have a little immune system problem. That could also have been responsible for my bleed last week. So, I get to start a med that is a cousin to Prednisone to correct that issue. Great. I'm cool with that...my RE says that he has had a lot of success using this drug to treat my issues, and that when he has "girls" who have this immune system problem and small yolk sacs, he puts them on this med and the yolk sac grows to the appropriate size, usually within a week. YAYA!

At this point one more med is no big deal. I'm a human pincushion, incubator, and test tube. One more med (1/2 a pill a night, whoop di doo) is like a drop in the bucket. If it means I get a healthy baby at the end of it...fill 'er up!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

All is well, but...

So, the source of the bleeding is a bruise in my uterus where a small blood vessel ruptured. It's not threatening the baby, but in order to give it time to heal I am on semi-bed rest until my next appointment on Tuesday. I am also NOT to take my blood thinner until Saturday, so that it can heal up. On top of all of that, the RE switched me from Progesterone suppositories (ick, but easy) to DAILY Progesterone in Oil shots in the hip. My butt hurts.

I did get to see Monkey, with a heartbeat!!!! YAY!!!!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On to Scared!

After my U/S, last night, right before bed, I started spotting. Brown, which I know is old blood, but it's still really scary to me. It's maybe been a total of 4 small drops today (maybe one more...not really counting), but I can't help but worry that I'm going to lose this baby. Since it's nor heavy, not red, and not accompanied by cramping, I'm not going to call the Dr yet. I'll let him know about it if/when he calls me tonight or tomorrow with the results of the blood work that I had done today, and see what he thinks. If it doesn't either go away or get worse, I'll just let him know about it at my next U/S on Tuesday. If it changes at all, whether it changes color, gets to be more, or is accompanied by cramps (not gas pain, I have that a lot lately), then I'll call in and see what they want to do. I hate this. It just sucks. No matter what the signs are, I keep thinking that this pregnancy is going to end up like the last one. Ugh.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I went in for my first U/S today. The RE thought I was about 6w today (I knew I wasn't...and I know that I O later in my cycle than day 14, so I knew that I was somewhere in my 5th week, not 6w. We saw a gestational sac that measured 5w2d...and what we believe to be the beginning of the yolk sac. Possibly, maybe, maybe even a little flicker that could be a heartbeat...but he's the one who thought he saw that...not me, and he said that it could just be shadows.

Now I have to wait another week and see what another U/S shows...Anxiety is NOT any better, and now instead of waiting 4 days I have to wait a full week to discover whether or not  this pregnancy is viable. I'm a wreck. He did say that we saw exactly what we should be seeing at 5w2d...but that didn't really calm me down much at all. Then, on top of it, when I told  Ben he says "well, is that a bad sign? Could that mean that the baby died a week ago and we're just seeing the signs of that?" Great thing to say to me. Wonderful. FABULOUS.

Let's freak out your already emotional wife by only saying the pessimistic stuff...forget being supportive and positive, who needs that? So after a crying bout and getting upset with him, we're ok, but now he's filled my head with the negative, and I can't get rid of it. HELP!!!
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Beta #1

So I shocked my RE's office today by calling and telling them the news and that I needed to come in for a beta. I haven't been to that office since just before Ben left in October...imagine their shock!

Even better news...my RE insists on being the one to track all pregnancies resulting from his care until almost the end of the first trimester-YAY! That means that I'll be in the absolute best hands possible during the trickiest time.

Results of the Beta...well, as my NP put it "DEFINITELY pregnant." HCG was 569, and both estriadol and progesterone were good. She said to expect a call tomorrow morning to set up my first appointment, at which time I hope I can see my Monkey(and hopefully a heartbeat...I'll feel way better after seeing that). YAY!
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Sunday, June 13, 2010


So, just for the hell of it, I took a pregnancy test today. POSITIVE! So I took another. POSITIVE! On a FRER and a CB digital...both say I'm PREGNANT!!! I can't believe it...2 weeks in Europe with  Ben in the middle of a 12-month deployment, and we got pregnant. I'm on Cloud 9. Now for reality...I have to try and do everything I can to let this little bean stick! YAY!
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