Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I went in for my first U/S today. The RE thought I was about 6w today (I knew I wasn't...and I know that I O later in my cycle than day 14, so I knew that I was somewhere in my 5th week, not 6w. We saw a gestational sac that measured 5w2d...and what we believe to be the beginning of the yolk sac. Possibly, maybe, maybe even a little flicker that could be a heartbeat...but he's the one who thought he saw that...not me, and he said that it could just be shadows.

Now I have to wait another week and see what another U/S shows...Anxiety is NOT any better, and now instead of waiting 4 days I have to wait a full week to discover whether or not  this pregnancy is viable. I'm a wreck. He did say that we saw exactly what we should be seeing at 5w2d...but that didn't really calm me down much at all. Then, on top of it, when I told  Ben he says "well, is that a bad sign? Could that mean that the baby died a week ago and we're just seeing the signs of that?" Great thing to say to me. Wonderful. FABULOUS.

Let's freak out your already emotional wife by only saying the pessimistic stuff...forget being supportive and positive, who needs that? So after a crying bout and getting upset with him, we're ok, but now he's filled my head with the negative, and I can't get rid of it. HELP!!!
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  2. No negative thoughts! I hate early ultrasounds. I know they're necessary, but they've brought nothing but worry to me. I O later in my cycle as well. You (definitely!) know your cycle, so just hold on to what he said: You're seeing exactly what you should be for 5w2d!! Many prayers for you and your little bean, that he'll stick well and carry to term! *hugs!*

  3. I've been there too. I had an ultrasound in my 5th week and I knew of people who got to see the flickering heartbeat by then but mine was at 5w5d and there was just the sac and I was freaked out. I went in for another ultrasound a week later and there was the little bean with the flickering heart. There is a certain number that your hcg has to reach for them to be able to see the heartbeat so you're probably just not quite there yet. I know how you feel, it's so nervewrecking but your numbers were great and I am sure you'll get to see the little bean next week!

  4. I surely hope so...after everything else we've been through I definitely did not need the added stress!!! Thinking good thoughts...thinking good thoughts...thinking good thoughts!


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