Monday, January 9, 2012

The Move is ON!

Well, it's happening. The packers and pickup are scheduled, utilities are going to be turned off, keys turned in...and we're driving across the country with an almost 1 year old. I always get comments about how hard it's going to be now that we have Monkey. My response? It's going to be different, not difficult. We already have the 2 dogs that we had to stop every 2 hours for so that they could stretch and do their business. The biggest alterations with this trip are that a) there will be another being in my car making noise, b) we'll have to stop a bit more frequently, and c) we'll be able to cover less ground in a day than we have on previous moves.

We did a test run this past weekend, to a town about 2 hours away that has a decent zoo. Monkey loves the zoo. Plus he rocked his new "newsie" hat and big boy sunglasses! He did great. No major meltdowns except when we were getting him in and out of the car too frequently, and when he was tired. The good news is that when he's tired he turns into the Tasmanian devil for about 10 minutes and then sleeps for an hour, so it's not that bad. Other than that, he was very well behaved.
On this move we're going to rig up Ben's iPad or my Kindle Fire to let Monkey watch cartoons in the car. Plus we'll be stopping at almost every rest stop for him to run around and get some air. I'm excited; new place, new experiences, new friends (and old friends, we already know people there, and they are being kind enough to let us stay with them until we get housing!)

Best of all, we'll be closer to family, and there is a ton to do in the general area (within 2-4 hours) so we'll be doing some great weekend getaways!
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