Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sound of Quiet

I never fully appreciated the sound of quiet until I became a mother. Now if it's not the baby, it's the dogs, the laundry, the dishwasher, the phone, or my husband disturbing the piece.

It's funny, quiet used to drive me CRAZY. I had to have some form of noise...TV, Music, anything. Now if I can get a few minutes of NO SOUND I am in heaven! I don't know if it's that Monkey is so active, or me getting older, or some random shift in my hearing ability since having him, but I hear EVERYTHING! Right now I can hear the dogs breathing, the air conditioner going, electronics humming, and Ben's computer upstairs. This is as quiet as it gets.

And, of course, the more I focus on it, the louder it seems to get (at least to my mommy-vulcan hearing that Ben says I now have). The other day Ben took Monkey for a bike ride in his new bike trailer, and I got 20 whole minutes of...nothing. It was delightful. Then the dog started having a sneezing fit, and life resumed it's normal, noisy pace.
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