Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Day, New Blog

Well, kind of. I got bored, and I haven't liked the name/look of this blog for a while, so I played. I really didn't like that when I started this blog I labeled myself as a fertility-challenged army wife...because that's not really how I see myself. Why would I put that out there? Because I was at a low point in my life (just discovering that I am reproductively challenged) and wasn't anywhere near a mood to be creative with blog titles. It didn't help that the only thing on my mind was the infertility and  Ben's upcoming deployment. So (as is the case with many things when you're down) I named it for the two things that were on my mind...I named myself via adjectives, descriptors that aren't really what make me up as a whole but rather that are parts of my life. So I decided to "clean house" so to speak. I'm still iffy on text colors, but I think I really like the new title, and that's a good thing, since that was the hardest part.
And although sometimes I feel like this:            

I hope most of the time the content of the blog looks like this:

Yay! I'm so excited for a new start, more crafts, pregnancy/family news, and lots of good things to come! 
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OMG Where did my belly button go!?!

Well, it's officially happened. My belly button has disappeared. I had to break down and take out my naval ring last night...the piercing was too red and angry to leave it in. Once the ring was out, I realized that my belly button is almost completely flat. No wonder it didn't like being pulled for that extra bit of metal. I also looked back at the "before and after" shots of my belly...from about 4 weeks to 24 weeks (OK, technically 24 weeks is tomorrow, but there's no guarantee I'll want to do my hair and makeup when I don't have to). Here's the comparison:

 Wow...even though I don't see the difference day to day, it's definitely there!!! I also had an ultrasound today. I was just supposed to have my cervix checked (long and closed, nothing but good news there!) but I had an awesome technician who not only took regular 2D pictures of our little man, but a couple of 3D images as well! Of course, he didn't want to cooperate, so the pictures aren't great, but we have them!

So there you go! I'm sad that  Ben couldn't make it to the appointment with me (stupid "appointment line" never returns calls...what's the point of even having it?) but I have another appointment in 2 weeks that he will be able to come to and my nurse said that if they're not super busy she'll pop us over to the ultrasound to "play" for a little bit. I really want him to get to see his son moving on an ultrasound, it's so different from just looking at the pictures!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's been a couple of weeks...

Ben is home (YAY!) so no more worrying on that end. He's been home a few days now, so I haven't been online much at all since we have been running all over kingdom come getting errands done and generally enjoying the great weather!

Of course, this means that I'm back to hearing the sound of video games all the time, which is not my favorite. I also don't LOVE that he sits so close to the TV, it's bad for the eyes, but I can't seem to get that through to him (or he just doesn't care).  Oh well...if I really want less of that, I can always retreat to the bedroom.

In other news...

YAY! That's really what we wanted. OF COURSE we would have been ecstatic with a girl, no question about it, but both of us just really wanted a boy first. And yes, that is my stomach...I've had people ask if I just stole the pic with graphics off the internet somewhere. Nope...all me. We have bought the bedding for him:

We bought it mainly because it was the first bedding set appropriate for a boy that we LOVED and because of the price on, and, as we all know, once something leaves that site it doesn't come back. We were afraid that if we didn't buy it right away, we wouldn't be able to find it again, especially at the awesome price we got!  Ben also fulfilled his promise to take me to the fabric store and push the cart for me, so I got everything (minus purse feet) that I need for the diaper bag plus about 75% of what I need to start in on Monkey's quilt. Of course, I'll need to buy the batting and flannel, but I'm waiting for a coupon to become valid before I go back, because I really would like to save 50% on both of those things LOL! So, all in all it's been a great weekend/week!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I give up! I'll just make it myself!

So, after searching and searching for the perfect diaper bag (you know, the one where functionality, design, fabric, and price are all PERFECT) I give up. It's not out there. If I find one I love, it's $100 or more, and I'm just not willing to pay that much for something that is going to carry diapers (both clean and otherwise) and bottles, among other things. SO...I'm making my own. This way, even if I spend more (but I'm estimating it won't cost me more than $60 or so) I'll love everything about it. I have decided on this style of bag, designed by Amy Butler (see picture). Of course, in looking at pics online of this bag, I'll have to cut it down some, because it's huge. However, there is a blog out there with the dimensions that the crafter used, and I think it will be perfect! The really good news: the patterns for other diaper bags that I liked were in the range of $12 for one pattern...I got this book with 20 patterns for $16, including shipping. I'd say that's a good deal!

I'm just so excited, now I'll get everything I want, plus other projects included if I want to try them. YAY!
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