Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Day, New Blog

Well, kind of. I got bored, and I haven't liked the name/look of this blog for a while, so I played. I really didn't like that when I started this blog I labeled myself as a fertility-challenged army wife...because that's not really how I see myself. Why would I put that out there? Because I was at a low point in my life (just discovering that I am reproductively challenged) and wasn't anywhere near a mood to be creative with blog titles. It didn't help that the only thing on my mind was the infertility and  Ben's upcoming deployment. So (as is the case with many things when you're down) I named it for the two things that were on my mind...I named myself via adjectives, descriptors that aren't really what make me up as a whole but rather that are parts of my life. So I decided to "clean house" so to speak. I'm still iffy on text colors, but I think I really like the new title, and that's a good thing, since that was the hardest part.
And although sometimes I feel like this:            

I hope most of the time the content of the blog looks like this:

Yay! I'm so excited for a new start, more crafts, pregnancy/family news, and lots of good things to come! 
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