Tuesday, August 31, 2010


OK, so I know I'm supposed to be OK getting bigger. I get it. Stop telling me that. It doesn't make it any easier to see the scale numbers going up again, especially when I worked so hard to get down to my ideal weight RIGHT BEFORE I got pregnant. Now understand why I was excited: I did not want to have to buy maternity clothes until at least 20 weeks...preferably later. So imagine my disappointment when on Saturday, at 14w6d, I could no longer button my pants. NOOOOO!!! I have a Bella band which I can use for a while, but this was the beginning of the end. I want this baby more than anything, but I'm just not quite ready to make the leap into maternity. Today I found at least one pair of pants that I can still button YAY!

I was so excited! I don't have to go to fat lady clothes yet! Of course, none of this helps my rapidly growing boobs. Seriously, were they not big enough before? I can't wear at least half of my shirts and dresses, not because of my stomach, which is SUPPOSED to be growing but isn't really (at least not that anyone else can notice) but because my boobs have now reached epic proportions, and will only continue that trend. Great.

On another note, I have a new fridge. It's more basic than the last one: let's hear it for renting and having a cheap homeowner. OK, I get it, you don't want to spend a ton on a fridge for a rental property. Fine. But (and here's what upset me) for the same price as the fridge she bought (I know, because I looked it up) she could have gotten an upright side-by-side with water and ice in the door from the lady who came to figure out what was wrong with the old fridge. Not only that, but I would have had it a week ago. Instead (because the homeowner chose to disregard that awesome offer) I had to wait an extra week for a fridge that opens with the door going into my kitchen and doesn't have an ice maker. Even my old crappy fridge had an ice maker. I don't understand why she didn't want to get the best one possible, especially when it was the same amount of money and would have been here a week earlier, saving me a week of grief!

Then my car battery dies. Again. OK, OK, I know that it's kind of my fault: when I went to Europe in May and was gone for a month, I left an interior light on and COMPLETELY killed the battery. I jumped it, drove it, and it's fine. Then I didn't drive it for a week...lo and behold, it wouldn't start. So (since I'm still under warranty) I called my local Dodge dealer and they said "bring it in, we'll check it." OK, great. I do that, and they tell me that there's nothing wrong with the battery. Hmmm, funny, THEN WHY DOES IT KEEP DYING? I have a copy of that paperwork coming to me, so that the next time it happens I can say "hey, you said there was nothing wrong, but it happened again. Now I'm not under warranty, but you guys still need to fix this at no charge because you told me that there was nothing wrong but I'm still having the same problem." Ugh.

At least I can button my pants.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010


So, my freezer/refrigerator is on the fritz. We're talking, not even remotely cold AT ALL. I noticed water dripping from it yesterday, and by the time I noticed 90% of what was in the freezer was ruined. By this morning, the other 10% had to be thrown out, and the fridge was barely colder than room temperature. Luckily, my landlord is SUPPOSED to be calling someone this morning, but I have a sinking feeling that it won't be fixable and that we will need a new fridge. We won't have to pay for it, but I'll still have to wait.

On the up side, we did save the mini-fridge from  Ben's last deployment. I'm not supposed to lift it (I could, but not allowed LOL) so I pushed it over by the entrance to the house from the garage, plugged it in, and filled it with anything that HAS to stay cold...dairy, fruit, pre-made soups, medications, etc. The stuff that couldn't fit, well, use it or lose it I guess. The fruit salad and tabbouleh I made are ruined. Juice...I'm going to get some ice and put it and my veggies in a cooler...I'll just be making a few trips to the corner store every day I guess. This sucks. I couldn't even try to fix the fridge myself because I can't (or rather, not supposed to) move the fridge to look in the back of it, but the fact that it's not just condensation but a complete lack of cooling makes me think that cleaning the drain and drip pan (which isn't located in the front) wouldn't help.

Great. Just great. I guess at least A) I had the mini fridge that still works and B) it's only me...Ben isn't home and Monkey's not here yet, so if it HAD to happen this is probably the best time. And who knows, the landlord may hook me up with a MUCH nicer fridge than I have now...heck, as long as it works it's better, but a newer model would be nice!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Right, You're Wrong, So Agree With Me!!!

Recently I have noticed that much of the time when it comes to beliefs, people are unwilling to even consider another way of thinking, even when valid arguments for another point of view are made. I heartily condone people sticking to their beliefs, but I have difficulty respecting that when people will not even CONSIDER other options. For example: you are a "mom" who heartily believes that it is detrimental to your unborn child to have ultrasounds, external fetal monitoring, or vaginal exams to determine how far along in your laboring process..basically, against all forms of medical intervention. Good for you. I personally know that without things like ultrasounds I may have lost this pregnancy. When others tell "you" that they were supposed to have perfectly normal, routine, uncomplicated pregnancies, but that thanks to these interventions complications were discovered and the medical community was able to deal with it and save their unborn child's life, you refuse to accept those reasons and instead stand by your belief that the no intervention approach is the very best.

I cannot help but wonder at "you" not even considering the other side of the story...that something bad could happen and with a small bit of intervention it could either be prevented or fixed. Then imagine "you" go and lecture a bunch of women who are already mothers about why your beliefs are right, and basically refuse to listen when they tell you their reasons for disagreeing. What does this make "you?"
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time to Relax

Well, after all the ups and downs so far, I'm finally able to relax. I had my first visit with the Perinatologist office yesterday. I was expecting a consult with height/weight/blood pressure, family history, questions, and bloodwork. I came out with these:

Needless to say...YAY! So now that I'm over 11 weeks (Monkey measured 12 weeks 2 days) I am feeling much more confident and relaxed...I'm past where I lost the last pregnancy, and it just feels real now that it looks like a baby and not like a jumping bean! Of course, Monkey wouldn't cooperate...moving when we needed him/her to be still and going completely still when we needed him/her to move! Oh well...at least all is well and progressing like it should!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's my scary time!

Today I am 11w pregnant. Last time I was pregnant, 11w (to the day) is when we found out that the pregnancy was not viable. I'm still confused as to the classification of my M/C. The Dr. said it was a missed M/C, and that the baby had stopped growing at 7-8w. HOWEVER...when she showed  Ben the ultrasound (they wouldn't let me see it) she showed him an empty gestational sac--no baby. Which, from what I understand, means that it was actually a blighted ovum and not a true missed M/C...can it be both?

Now, because I'm at my "scary time" I'm even more nervous about my appointment with the perinatologist on Wednesday. Hopefully they will at least try a doppler scan to hear the heartbeat. My mother is all over me to let her tell people about the pregnancy, but I really don't want her to let the news out until 12-13w. I guess that, if they do a doppler scan on Wednesday and we hear a heartbeat I'll be able to decide if I want her to wait any longer or if she can go ahead and tell the world. I know she really wants to, but I'm still so nervous!
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