Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Right, You're Wrong, So Agree With Me!!!

Recently I have noticed that much of the time when it comes to beliefs, people are unwilling to even consider another way of thinking, even when valid arguments for another point of view are made. I heartily condone people sticking to their beliefs, but I have difficulty respecting that when people will not even CONSIDER other options. For example: you are a "mom" who heartily believes that it is detrimental to your unborn child to have ultrasounds, external fetal monitoring, or vaginal exams to determine how far along in your laboring process..basically, against all forms of medical intervention. Good for you. I personally know that without things like ultrasounds I may have lost this pregnancy. When others tell "you" that they were supposed to have perfectly normal, routine, uncomplicated pregnancies, but that thanks to these interventions complications were discovered and the medical community was able to deal with it and save their unborn child's life, you refuse to accept those reasons and instead stand by your belief that the no intervention approach is the very best.

I cannot help but wonder at "you" not even considering the other side of the story...that something bad could happen and with a small bit of intervention it could either be prevented or fixed. Then imagine "you" go and lecture a bunch of women who are already mothers about why your beliefs are right, and basically refuse to listen when they tell you their reasons for disagreeing. What does this make "you?"
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  1. OMG, don't even get me started... I don't even know how many drama filled discussions we had on the July board about ultrasounds, vagial exams, ways of giving birth,epidurals, breastfeeding,... And there's those two extreme opinions and if you don't agree with them you are a horrible person and mom. Somebody once called me "stupid" because I said that SOMETIMES a c-section is the safest option for mother and child. I said SOMETIMEs referring to myself and the background story of Jayla's birth. I hate how women are so judgemental when it comes to other women's beliefs about pregnancy, childbirth and how to raise your child... It's sad...

  2. Oh I know...this arose because of a particular poster on the HT boards (I lurk over there). At the time she wasn't even pregnant, everything she "knew" was from books and studies, and she compared formula with junk food. I agree that formula's not quite as good, but she was surprised when people got all over her for comparing it to junk food! I respect others having their opinions, but making people feel like they're bad parents because they didn't do it or try it the "right" way first is ridiculous!


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