Sunday, August 22, 2010


So, my freezer/refrigerator is on the fritz. We're talking, not even remotely cold AT ALL. I noticed water dripping from it yesterday, and by the time I noticed 90% of what was in the freezer was ruined. By this morning, the other 10% had to be thrown out, and the fridge was barely colder than room temperature. Luckily, my landlord is SUPPOSED to be calling someone this morning, but I have a sinking feeling that it won't be fixable and that we will need a new fridge. We won't have to pay for it, but I'll still have to wait.

On the up side, we did save the mini-fridge from  Ben's last deployment. I'm not supposed to lift it (I could, but not allowed LOL) so I pushed it over by the entrance to the house from the garage, plugged it in, and filled it with anything that HAS to stay cold...dairy, fruit, pre-made soups, medications, etc. The stuff that couldn't fit, well, use it or lose it I guess. The fruit salad and tabbouleh I made are ruined. Juice...I'm going to get some ice and put it and my veggies in a cooler...I'll just be making a few trips to the corner store every day I guess. This sucks. I couldn't even try to fix the fridge myself because I can't (or rather, not supposed to) move the fridge to look in the back of it, but the fact that it's not just condensation but a complete lack of cooling makes me think that cleaning the drain and drip pan (which isn't located in the front) wouldn't help.

Great. Just great. I guess at least A) I had the mini fridge that still works and B) it's only me...Ben isn't home and Monkey's not here yet, so if it HAD to happen this is probably the best time. And who knows, the landlord may hook me up with a MUCH nicer fridge than I have now...heck, as long as it works it's better, but a newer model would be nice!
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