Tuesday, June 29, 2010

U/S #3, and yet another med

All is well! Monkey is growing great, measuring .5cm (6w2d) with a heart rate of 117.95. Hearing that heartbeat was the best sound ever!!!

The only "hiccup" (as my RE puts it) is that the yolk sac is measuring just a little small, which could be attributed to the fact that...drum roll please............one of my tests from last week showed that I have a little immune system problem. That could also have been responsible for my bleed last week. So, I get to start a med that is a cousin to Prednisone to correct that issue. Great. I'm cool with that...my RE says that he has had a lot of success using this drug to treat my issues, and that when he has "girls" who have this immune system problem and small yolk sacs, he puts them on this med and the yolk sac grows to the appropriate size, usually within a week. YAYA!

At this point one more med is no big deal. I'm a human pincushion, incubator, and test tube. One more med (1/2 a pill a night, whoop di doo) is like a drop in the bucket. If it means I get a healthy baby at the end of it...fill 'er up!
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  1. Wow, how many meds are you on now? But you are definitely right, it's all more than worth it in the end :)

  2. It's a total of 7 meds, 6 of which are daily. Basically my RE keeps his "girls" throught the first trimester to make sure the meds are balanced out correctly, and then I will go to a high risk OB. I'm hoping that I get to go on post and that whoever I get will keep me on this protcall, since we're working so hard to get it right!


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