Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's hear it for accurate record-keeping

So, as you may know, I have issues with fertility. Not the issues you hear about frequently (not that that makes them any easier to deal with), but things that you (and often times the Drs I see) have never heard of/dealt with/care to learn about. Because they are different. And difficult. And there is not a lot of research done on them, which means they can be hard to treat.

So when Ben and I decided that we *may* be ready to start thinking about #2, it means a lot of pushing to get what I want. Luckily, we have all of my records from my old fertility specialist, so we have a jumping off point.

Next step...the Dr. To get a referral. To another Dr. To see (hopefully) once and convince to put me on my old protocall. That's all I want. I want no tests, no unnecessary treatments, no weekly visits. I want a prescription. For what I know already works. OK...done. Referral was submitted, approved, ready to go. Then I call to make my appointment.

Want to know something fun? The Dr that they referred me to (besides being over 2 hours away, thankfully I can get reimbursed for gas) has RETIRED. How did they not figure this out sooner? Because apparently it happened a while ago. That's kind of a big thing to miss.

Now I have to wait for my primary care Dr. to give me a phone consult for another referral.

Hopefully they got the memo on that specialist's retirement. But I think probably not. I think they will just keep referring me until I either shut up or give up. Oh how little they know me!
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