Monday, June 11, 2012

Why I Both Love and Hate Netflix

A few weeks ago Monkey was sick. As in: ear infection, teething (molars no less, which we *still* haven't seen), and a stomach virus. I was up to my elbows in vomit, diarrhea, and tears (both his and mine). Because he had all 3 at the same time, we didn't sleep much.
I don't do well on little sleep. He has spoiled me immensely since he was 3 months old by sleeping a full 12 hours at night, pretty much every night. Once in a blue moon he wakes up for an hour in the middle of the night, but I can count on both hands how many times that has happened in the past 13 months. Not bad.
However, sickness is a different animal all together. Sickness throws a wrench in your well-oiled machine, and decides that it needs to throw you a curve ball in the sleep department. It's like the girl in your group who likes nothing better than to cause problems just to have something entertaining to watch. You know what is apparently really entertaining? Taking a mama who has gotten a full night's sleep each night for over a year and saying "Hey, how about 1 hour of sleep for the next 48 hours. Sound fun? Let's do it!"
That's what sickness did to me. I went to sleep at 10, Monkey woke up at 11...screaming. Ben can't get up with him because he has, you know, a job or something and needs to sleep. Want to know when Monkey went back down? 5am. That means that I didn't go back to sleep at was practically time for the day to start.
Back to Netflix. That night, I watched the entire 1st season of Dowton Abbey on Netflix Streaming. It was awesome. I LOVED it. So I (obviously) immediately put the second season on my Netflix Queue. You know what happened? the words Very Long Wait popped up next to it. NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
That was a few weeks ago. I have selectively been putting other movies at the top of the queue in the hopes that after I send that one back the next season will be ready. Now those evil words are gone, and I should be receiving the 1st DVD of the 2nd season tomorrow. Netflix account claims that I still have the last movie they sent me. The one I sent back on Saturday. The one I held for a WEEK and never watched, so I Notflixed it....AKA I sent it back without even popping it in the DVD player.

Man oh man, I need a job. I'm way too invested in my Netflix...
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