Monday, May 21, 2012

Looks like this time is starting with even MORE frustration!

Because we are a military family, we are at the mercy of our providers to give us referrals to the "closest" specialists when those facilities are not available through the on-post military providers. In my case, seeing a true OBGYN is one of those specialists. I was fine with this, and told that I could see someone within an hour's drive of where we live. OK, fine. It's a little difficult with Monkey to make long drives for one day, but an hour each way I can do.

Lo and behold, today I get my authorization paperwork. The Dr. they are referring me to is 2 1/2 HOURS away from us. That mean either a) a day of screaming Monkey in the car or b) paying for a full day of childcare so that I can go to 1 $4 an hour. Now Ben and I have to have a discussion as to whether we want to just accept what we have been given, or try to get someone closer. There are drawbacks either way. If we roll with what we have been given, we have to pay a lot more for Monkey's daycare while I'm gone and I have to rush there and back, not to mention time the appointment just right so that I can drop him off and pick him up on time.

If we try to get someone different, it could take quite a while. We could not get someone different at all...we could still end up with the person we have been given.

UGH...I wish the providers here would just give me the protocall they have on file from my reproductive specialist at our last duty station and not refer me out. Life would be a lot easier!

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