Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why do so many people have trouble with spelling/grammar?

I'm starting to worry for the future of children when it comes to spelling and grammar. For one thing, people can't spell. At all. Example: "Loosing" is not the word you want when you cannot find something. Same goes for "Loose". I think you mean "Losing" or "lose."  Why is that so hard. I have also seen "starring" for "staring" and "werid" for "weird" (my husband is guilty of that one. We have decided that I will be the English Homework Helper for our children). I also get tired of people using "text speak" when writing about things and they are not text messaging. I'm sorry, but I cannot read "Ur kdng me. Thts crzy. U shld try sumthng dffrnt." It takes me at least twice as long to read that as it takes me to read "You're kidding me. That's crazy. You should try something else." Not to mention it kind of makes me think you don't know how to spell and use "text speak" to cover it up. And please, please, PLEASE learn to use punctuation. I have seen people type an ENTIRE paragraph (anywhere from 4-10 sentences long) and not use one single form of punctuation once. Here's a thought: I can't understand what you are saying if there is no differentiation between one thought and the next. If I can't understand you, I will not respond. Period.

Oh, and "I seen _____ the other day" is not correct. FYI.

Or maybe it's just me!

Oh, and why do people insist on calling a pregnant woman "preggers" or "preggo?" I am not a spaghetti sauce, thank you very much!!

I know that I cannot say these things to the people who do them every time it comes up, but seriously? Our children are doomed.
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  1. Oh my God! I totally know what you mean!
    It totally irritates me when people spell things wrong or use incorrect grammar..
    English isn't even my native language and I still spell better than most!
    I'm glad I'm not the only grammar/spelling freak!
    Thanks for this post!

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  3. Haha, you must be talking about people on the wte boards. Reading posts like that almost does not make me want to respond sometimes ;))
    English is not my native language either and I am sometimes shocked how BAD some people who were born and raised here's English really is. What annoys me most is the your/you're and their/they're/there thing, is it really THAT hard????

  4. well my favorite is when some says "use guyses" whaaa? or "i gots to a$$ you" excuse me?


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