Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well, now to top it all off...

Got a call from my RE on Friday. Apparently my Lipoprotein A is elevated. Like, it's supposed to be at 75 or under, I'm at 129...pushing double what it should be. In case you are confused, here is a link to explain Lipoprotien A:

Basically it's kind of like cholesterol, but stickier. And it attracts more of itself once it's attached somewhere. So, along with all of my pregnancy/fertility issues that we have to watch, now I'm at elevated risk for multiple types of heart disease. Oh, and it may be linked with pregnancy loss, but that's not completely confirmed. Oh joy.

When I told my mom (who has a knack of saying the thing you're thinking and making you laugh about it, even if it's scary) she says "well, you didn't have enough going on, now did you?" I told her that the laundry list of things for me to be worried about felt unbalanced, and I needed to top it off and even it out.

I guess I shouldn't be completely surprised. After all, my grandfather passed away during his second heart attack at age 54, my grandmother has had 2 open heart surgeries and still had congestive heart failure twice last year, my father has a chronic battle with high blood pressure, and my little sister was diagnosed with high cholesterol at age 14. Really, I should have been prepared. Bad Stephanie.

On the good side (or rather, positive side) of things, my RE obviously isn't super concerned. He's really proactive, and if he's worried about something when he gets results he a) calls me the day after I get the bloodwork done and b) has me in the office that day to run tests and/or talk about options. With this discovery, my blood was drawn on Tuesday and his office called Friday morning. Obviously not urgent news. And, while he does want to see me to discuss what this means, I won't go in until the first week of August, a week and a half after getting the phone call. So, I guess it's just one more thing, and I need to watch my cholesterol intake and take it easy so I don't stress my heart out more than necessary. more excuse to sit on my butt and do nothing. Which I already do because I'm not allowed to exercise. Needless to say...I'm bored.
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