Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tired, Irratable, and Rock Band Beatles

Last night Ben  decided that me saying "I'm tired, I'm going to bed" meant that if he came to bed over an hour after me he would get We'll just say he's persistent. But, because of his persistence, I didn't get to sleep  (correction...I didn't get to go to sleep and stay asleep) until 2am. Which throws my sleeping pattern way off. Did I mention that I have mild, self-diagnosed insomnia? It's difficult for me to fall asleep, and once I do I only sleep 1-3 consecutive hours at a him waking me up was not in his best interests LOL! Plus, I'm finally getting to a point where I can fall asleep before 1am on my own, and I was getting excited. SO needless to say, I did my on-again, off-again sleep pattern until 11am. That's right...I slept until 11am...which I'm trying hard to avoid (if you go to bed later, it only stands to reason you sleep in later, right?).

When I woke up, I heard gunshots. No, not REAL gunshots... Ben was killing Nazi Zombies on the X-Box...don't ask. This has become one of his favorite past times. OK fine, it's 11am, I needed to get up anyway, so, I'll deal with being woken up in one of the most inconvenient fashions. HOWEVER...we have a long standing agreement that he can play all his little games that require the TV until I'm awake or if I say I don't mind...but he doesn't get to monopolize the TV all the time (did I mention that we have EVERY gaming system available in the most current format? Fun for me...I pretty much HATE video games). Here it is, 12:30, I still haven't eaten, and he's playing Rock Band Beatles...for the last hour. Hasn't even mentioned or thought that I might like to use the TV, at least for a little bit. So I'm being petty, I know, but seriously...after waking me up last night from a dead sleep, he should know how close to death he came (joking) and be aware that I'm not in my best mood!

On another note, I do love the Beatles, but not at a decibel that would make an elephant's head explode!
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