Saturday, October 17, 2009

Come on, Lefty!

Well, the U/S showed that I had follicles on both ovaries...wait to work, Menopur! However, the one on my left ovary was around 10/11mm, and the one on the right was 12mm. I need lefty to GROW GROW GROW and be as big or bigger than the right follicle on Monday, which is when I go in for another U/S to check what's going on. If Lefty does its job, we'll schedule my trigger shot and IUI. If not, we're done for a year. I'm not confident. I've been having pains on my right side all day, much like O pains, although with the size the follicles were yesterday they're not O they must be growing pains. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the left one grow fast and the right one slow down...I need this to work. I think I mentioned before that we're already researching adoption and that the Ukraine looks like a winning candidate. Plus the military will reimburse $2000 per child up to $5000 a year for adoption...we could do one trip, around $14000 and have 2 kids (since after the first child, if you get a second in the same trip-possibly a sibling group-is only $2000 more). Our family would be complete. I just think that I would feel empty somehow if we don't get to have our own biological child. On the other hand, with all the issues we've had, I worry that if we do adopt and then end up getting our biological child that the biological child would get "special" treatment" from in the end it's like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, no matter what happens.

Whatever in the world happened to "have sex, you'll get pregnant, and you'll have a baby." Whoever said that and made all of us think that it would happen that way for everyone should be shot. Ugh.
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