Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Managing the "Stash"

While I don't have nearly as much yarn as some people (I try to use what I have before buying more, unless I have no choice, like when someone asks for a specific color that I don't have) I am finally to the point where the giant shopping bag I was using to store my yarn was no longer sufficient. A solution had to be found, especially when some of my upcoming projects will require me to buy a substantial amount of yarn. I am a bit of an organizational freak, and everything must have it's place. Seriously, I'm so bad that I labeled the laundry hamper so that  Ben would put his dirty clothes in the right place, and I am constantly re-organizing things to try to make them more efficient. A pile of yarn overtaking my craft area with no rhyme or reason is a thought that is like torture for me.

This isn't mine, but you get the idea
So, I had to think about this. Another tote bin? No, that would mean that every time I went looking for a color I would have to dig through the bin, most likely to the bottom. Then I just end up with a pile of yarn again. Fabric bag? That I could make, but I would end up needing multiple bags as the stash grows.  Then it came to me. When we had Monkey we got him a new dresser, but never got around to getting rid of the old one that was in the guest room (which became Monkey's room). Those drawers are all now half full of, well, crap. Nothing we actually need, but that I (shockingly) have not had time to go through and organize. When I went in there to investigate the situation, it turns out that not only will I be able to find other homes for or get rid of everything in there, but the drawers are the perfect size! I can organize my yarn by brand and color, and only have to lift one skein to see what's under it, since the drawers are only deep enough for two skeins on top of one another.
I would love something like this...

Problem solved!

Ultimately I would love to have an entire cupboard dedicated to my crafting, but until then I have to make due with what I have. In the next house we get (rental or otherwise) I'm hoping that the office will not be in the same room as the guest room. That way, the guest room could be the craft room, and I won't be bouncing from room to room to collect all the materials I need each time I want to start a new project!
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