Friday, August 26, 2011

It's time to play our favorite game....What's That Smell!!!

With 2 dogs and a baby, this game is played almost daily in our house. My favorite version involves the poop smell. In this version I sniff monkey's butt, and then systematically wander around the house like a rabid werewolf sniffing each and every room to try to find the source of the poop smell. When I don't find anything, I admit to myself that either a) I'm crazy or b) the baby farted.

Then, just as I settle in to read Monkey a book or work on a crafting project while he's sleeping or playing on the floor, I smell it again. Then I realize that no, Monkey didn't pass the lovely baby gas that he's so good at. was one of the dogs. How do I determine this? Well...they are scared of their own farts. Yes, my dogs, who oh so bravely bark at shadows, leaves, random birds or other critters in the yard, run in terror with their tails between their legs whenever they pass gas.

And then they get put outside, because Mama can't handle the stench anymore.
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