Thursday, August 18, 2011

And...My Back Hurts

Well, a few more projects done. My back hurts. And, worst of all (in the land of pretty pretty princess) I broke more than one nail. (We'll just ignore the fact that it was part of the section that was damaged by the acrylic nails I had on a month ago and that they were going to get cut off soon anyway because of the damage). It was a tragedy.

That being said, I'm fairly impressed with the amount of work I have accomplished in the past couple of weeks. Between sewing and crocheting, I'm sure Ben thinks I'm completely batshit crazy nuts (if he didn't think so before, that is). So, without further ado, the medly of projects I've completed in addition to the shopping cart cover and Everything Bag that were featured in the last post:

This blanket was made for a friend who is being induced TONIGHT! So excited for her to have her little boy. This one was the first blanket I have ever crocheted that kept 3 skeins of yarn going at the same time, continuously. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be, but definitely not super fun either!

I'm to the point now where I have a lot of crochet hooks, markers, and yarn needles just floundering about. Being as organizationally obsessed as I am, this just wouldn't do. But (as with so many other things) I couldn't find a crochet hook case that a) met all of my needs and b) looked good enough for me to actually use. Then I found the Crochet Clutch at the Moda Bake Shop and fell in love. It's perfect! With a pin and needle keeper, pockets for all my hooks to be stored individually, and a clear zippered pocket for my odds and ends, it has everything I need! Not to mention that I like the look of it since I got to pick the fabric for myself instead of just going with the hideously, heinously ugly fabrics that someone else chose that contradict every bit of style sense I have just aren't my taste. Plus it comes with a handy dandy handle, which is just an added bonus!

Yay, the football beanie! Monkey had one that my cousin bought for him, but he outgrew it. I loved that thing so much that I had to make another!

Spiral blanket I made for a friend due with a little boy this winter. This thing was threatening to tangle me up and leave me for dead. My mother even compared it to a spider web. 4 skeins of yarn going simultaneously was not good for my anger management. It was me or the blanket. I won, biotch!

Owlie beanie. Made for the friend who is in labor right now. She saw one similar to this online, but didn't want to pay whatever exorbitant, outrageous price they were asking. So she sent me a picture and asked if I could recreate it. For the price of supplies, here you go!
*on a side note, I also made the wall letters for her little boy's nursery, because she didn't trust herself to do it well. I'm flattered that she thinks I'm talented enough to be trusted with all of these tasks!

And, last but not least, the sunhat for Monkey! It's reversible! It's washable! It even blocks the sun! I love the fact that I bought this pattern for all of about $3 on Etsy and then (once I had chosen fabrics, which always takes me FOREVER) I just had to print it out and put the pieces together! I may or may not add a tie onto it next time, but for how he doesn't really need a tie and that step was more than I wanted to do at the time!

Next up: another baby blanket for a friend due soon as well. That one's going a little slower, I think because I've done so many projects in a short amount of time that I'm needing to slow down. After that I may try to design a blanket for Monkey and the upcoming college football season.

And since I'm completely insane, I'm also teaching myself how to knit.

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