Monday, July 18, 2011

Mobility is coming! Mobility is coming!

Soon, Monkey will be mobile. We're talking within 1-2 months...and I'm thinking sooner rather than later. This brought about a slew of thoughts/feelings for me, and not all of them are happiness and light as I would want them to be:

  1. Yay! He's developing as he should! I will not be cursed with a lazy sloth child who I have to cart everywhere while he lolls in my arms, determined to put off putting his own energy into getting from point A to point B for as long as possible. This is a good thing!
  2. Oh no! I'll have to babyproof and watch him even closer than I do now to ensure he hurts himself the least amount possible. Naps will be even more valuable.
  3. I can never leave him with  Ben again. The man can't even keep the dogs off the furniture when he "wants" is he going to contain a child?
  4. If I thought it was difficult to get anything done with him awake before, now I'm completely screwed really out of luck. There goes my life...both while he's awake and while he's napping, since now naps will REALLY be the only time I'll be able to get anything done.
  5. I need gates. Lots and lots of gates. Would putting him in a large dog kennel to get a load of laundry done be neglect? Wait....they already make those for children. Playpens will be my new best friend.
  6. Do they make baby knee pads? I'm sure they do. My house is about 80% hardwood floors or linoleum...his poor little knees are going to be beat to hell.

The child already makes it about 4 feet if he really wants a toy.  It won't be long now, and then the horror of the phrase "where's the baby" will become more of a reality...
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