Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello. My name is...

Do you need a Xanax?
Twitchy, apparently. Because I can't stop moving. If Ben has Monkey, and I am in the same room, I start bouncing like I'm trying to soothe Monkey. If I see someone on T.V. shaking or swaying or anything, I immediately start. I cannot sit still. My feet or my head or my hands (or all three) must be moving at all times. I must be going insane. I would not be at all surprised if our bed falls apart because I'm shaking so much in my sleep that all the bolts loosen and the integrity of the bed is severely compromised. 

Oh, did I mention that I'm being eaten alive by the devil's minions (aka mosquitoes and gnats)? It wasn't until we moved to the south that I discovered that gnats bite. And apparently I'm on the menu EVERY DAY. I counted my bites today. I have just under 30!!! All of which popped up in 2 days, and I HAD BUG SPRAY ON! These little monsters apparently think I'm the best 3-course meal ever, and no amount of poison will deny them their desires.

On top of the shaking and the bug bites, I'm sore. I'm sure the twitches aren't helping the soreness...but I thought that maybe if I really started working out that I would calm down and be able to relax. So I started the 30-day Shred. while I'm sure my butt will look great at the end of it, my muscles are not thanking me now...especially when I have to tote Monkey around all day. My left arm and shoulder are about to go on strike. Then I'll be left without my baby-carrying arm (because carrying him with my right arm just feels wrong) so I'll  have a screaming baby, no left arm, and a complete inability to do anything that requires two-handed coordination. Welcome to insanity.
Hobbies? I'm trying to keep the house standing!

I really want to learn how to make crocheted wire jewelry. Specifically cuffs. The problem? I don't have the time while Monkey is sleeping and the energy to learn at the same time. All of my energy goes into him. Therefore, when he is sleeping, my pent up energy must go towards cleaning, cooking, laundry, the pets, and (of course) my nasty twitching habit. Who has time for jewelry?

So, ultimately, I'm a twitchy one-armed itchy bug-bitten monster who aspires to have personal time to craft and read and relax, but does not possess the time or constitution to accomplish any more than simply the day-to-day necessities. That may or may not include maintaining my own sanity.
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