Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Weight Loss Encumbrance

Come on fatty, MOVE!
I officially have no will power. Seriously...none. I keep saying "today's the day I really start my diet," and I keep falling off the proverbial wagon before I even get on it! Jillian Michaels is begging to kick my butt into shape, and my butt is resisting with the power of a 10 ton elephant.

Why would I resist looking my best? I don't feel great about my body right now, but apparently my body has other ideas contrary to mine about weight loss. I think a huge part of my problem is (and always has been) portion control. I'm one of those strange people who loves food, but to whom nothing ever sounds good. Therefore, when something piques my interest, I WAY overdo it. Think John Pinette at a Chinese buffet:

Today's already ruined. I'm already in too deep, and Monkey has been in a bad mood all day, which means no gym for me. Lucky for me the little bugger likes walks, so I did SOMETHING. I'll start the diet tomorrow. As Scarlett O'Hara said, "tomorrow is another day!"
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