Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still an example of the perfect human specimen...

That is what  Ben is calling himself these days. I have that ego to live with. Here is how that lovely quote came to be:

My fertility specialist has been insisting since we found out that I have the MTHFR homozygous mutation that Ben get tested as well. Needless to say, my endlessly procrastinating husband did not manage to get tested before he deployed, and now that he's been home almost 3 months and we just now got him tested (well, 2 weeks ago, but still). Today we got the results, which were: NEGATIVE!!! He does not have any form of the mutation. The last time we got him tested for something (sperm count/motility/etc.) everything came back at perfect or more...or as he likes to call it, "Super Sperm."
That's great, right? Yeah, except now I feel like even more of a fertility screw up. Every problem we have had with getting pregnant and during the pregnancy is because of my body. And now he's going around thinking he's got the perfect human form because he never has anything wrong, and his test results are pretty much always better than perfect. Then my mom brought up a great point: I have an amazing ability to choose right. Think about it. I could have ended up with someone who has just as many or more fertility/genetic issues as I do, but I managed to marry a man who has NO issues, thus making it as easy as possible for us to have a biological family with all of the issues that I do have. YAY!
On top of that, since all of my issues are genetic, I can blame my parents! And we now have sufficient reason for my sister to get tested for the MTHFR when she starts wanting a family, so she's actually ahead of the game...she will get to know of at least one issue before she even starts trying, so she'll be able to treat it (if she has it) from day one and have that much less to worry about. It still means she'll get to deal with blood thinners (if she does test positive) but that's part of the deal. Then she'll get to enjoy the belly pokes and bruises that I am dealing with on a daily basis.
Next appointment is on Friday...and we will probably have a conversation at that appointment about when Monkey will make his appearance, since based on my last growth scan he's still small. That means that he will quite probably make his debut before the end of the month!
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