Wednesday, September 2, 2009


OK, MRI tomorrow. Yikes. I got my confirmation of approval from my insurance today, so all is well...and, even better, Captain Caffeine can go with me, so I don't have to hear bad news alone. Isn't is sad how after a while we come to expect bad news rather than good? I guess it just means that when we get good news it's just that much better...right? The nice thing is that, since I ovulated from my right side (aka the floating ovary) and there is no chance of me being pg, I can sit here enjoying a nice glass of wine without feeling the slightest bit of guilt. Wish me luck a perfect world it would show a fully functioning, fully formed uterus with some sort of blockage that can be fixed...but I'm fully expecting it to show exactly what we think...a unicornuate uterus. After that is the renal U/S to check my kidneys...gotta make sure those little guys are both there, fully formed, and functioning correctly. That's actually the part that makes me a bit little sister has bad kidneys, and while I know it's not related, that my condition is just a birth defect, I can't help but worry that I've only got one kidney and have not been treating it so nicely.

On another note...I found a picture that explains what my particular unicornuate uterus looks like...well, at least after a bit of altering on my part. Check it out:
So, obviously, the one on the left is a normal uterus, and the one on the right is what I have (we think). I have a hard time explaining what it is without pictures...this helps a lot!
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  1. Good luck for your MRI and US! Hopefully you will get GOOD news this time.
    I know what it feels like though, every time I go to an appointment at the fertility clinic now I am somehow always expecting bad news because that's what I got when we got our results.
    I think it's just us trying to protect ourselves from the possible disappointment.
    But hopefully they will have good news. And I especially hope that your kidneys are okay!
    Thanks for posting the picture, it's really interesting to see what a unicornuate uterus looks like.
    Good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Oh and it's great that you do not have to go by yourself this time, having your husband with you definitely always helps!!!!


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