Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Eldest is a Rock Star

I was so worried bringing Ian home that Finn would react poorly. Either he would want nothing to do with his new baby brother or he would act out in anger...worst of all against the precious new baby that I was bringing into our home.

I also felt guilty. Guilty that I was not going to be able to spend as much time with my first born, that he would feel "replaced," and that I was upsetting his little life in a major way, and one he did not ask for or even think about.

Boy did he prove me wrong. He is a ROCK STAR.

Not only is he a wonderful big brother, constantly trying to "fix it" when Ian cries (paci, blanket, etc), but he has grown up a lot. He has always been a great independent player (something I feel I take advantage of way too much), but since Ian needs my attention a lot more than Finn does, at least at the moment, I notice it a lot more. As I type this, I'm lying on the couch with Ian asleep on my chest, and Finn is coloring quite contently at the coffee table next to me.

I am constantly talking to him about what he is doing...what color he is using, reminding him to put the cap back on the *washable* marker, etc. And he is still not talking as much as I would like. sister was right. he is talking more now that the baby is here.

And he has adjusted SO well that I'm not feeling nearly as stressed as a new mom of 2 as I thought I would.

I am thankful for my smart, funny, handsome, helpful first born. Because right now, he is my hero. Thank you, son, for being so perfect.
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