Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ian Patrick (Peanut) Is Here!

It's been a busy few weeks here. I had my last week of work, welcomed my mother in law here to help with Monkey, and, well...


I was due February 12. On Feb 11 I went in to see my Dr. because I had a headache that I couldn't shake. It had been 24 hours and nothing was working...not good. Sign of pre-eclampsia not good. So he checked me and I was at a 5...which is where I had been for about a week. No progress. We set an induction date of  February 13, purely because between my moderately high blood pressure, headache, and  swelling in my ankles I WAS DONE. Plus my Dr was leaving on February 14 for a week-long cruise, and he wanted to deliver the new baby.

So, at 6am on February 13, 2013, in we went. By the time I was admitted, checked out, and hooked up to everything, it was 8am. And we started pitocin. With Finn, pitocin did nothing. We're talking I slept all day without feeling a thing. Not so much this time. Since I was already at a 5, we decided to place my epidural and put it at a very low level, just so that should things progress quickly we could turn it up and have it be effective and offer relief. Since I delivered at a different hospital this time, it was a different experience. Instead of hunching over a pillow and hoping that I remained still, the nurses brought in what looked like a massage chair, complete with face hole. It was awesome and made things so much easier.

Then, we waited. And waited. I was feeling the pressure of contractions, but no real pain. By 2:30 pm I asked for the epi to be turned up...I was uncomfortable. Not really in severe severe pain, since I already had some pain meds coursing through me, but I wanted a bit more. Then the Dr came in to check me...a 6. And as he was checking water broke. From there, things moved quickly. Within an hour I was fully dilated and "ready," but the nurse had me sit up in the bed (the foot of the bed moved down, so it was like sitting in a chair). That lasted for about 30 minutes or so. Then in came Dr again and away we went!

In looking at my discharge papers, the breakdown was: 8 hours of stage 1 labor (aka waiting for me to dilate and for my body to do it's job). 1 hour of stage 2 labor (aka active contractions that I felt) and 6 MINUTES of stage 3 labor...aka pushing. That's right. I got this kid out in 6 minutes. I remember at one point the Dr saying "OK, stop pushing for a second." All I said was "I'm not pushing."  Ian was coming whether we helped him or not!

And he bit the Dr. We're talking, Dr is trying to get all the gunk out of his mouth and my son clamped down and wouldn't let go. Great. I have a biter on my hands.

We are so happy that it was an easy, uneventful pregnancy, labor, and delivery. After everything I went through with Finn, I was so nervous about this one, thinking that I would have do do all of the high risk appointments, multiple daily medications, etc. again. Not so. This pregnancy and delivery made me think "I could do this again." I'm the first to admit that I DO NOT LIKE being pregnant. I'm pretty close to hating being pregnant. But that special little baby in your arms at the end of it...that makes it more worth it that I can even describe.

We're all doing well. Big Brother LOVES his new baby. Finn is constantly looking at him, kissing him, and trying to feed him or warm him up with a blanket. We're going to have to curb his need to try and hold the baby though. Whenever Ian cries, Finn's first instinct is to pick him up and make him feel better. While I love that...the 2 year old picking up the newborn is not the best course of action. Our family is complete...we think. Of course, give us a couple of years. We could change our minds.

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