Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My son, the *ahem* genius

So, like all parents, I'm incredibly proud of Monkey. At 7.5 months old, he has already been mobile for a month, pulls up on everything (including our sliding glass door), is starting to understand the word "no," and is, in general, a wonderful child. We love him.

I would even take him holding it like this!
So, why oh why can't he figure out that you have to tilt the bottle UP to get the milk/juice/water out? He knows what a bottle is (obviously, he's gone from looking like a spider monkey to having his very own buddah belly), he knows that the fluid comes out through the nipple, and he knows that he wants whatever is inside of it. I tell you what, that's major improvement from the kid who tried to suck milk out through the side of the bottle.

But the whole "tilt up for food" thing just hasn't hit. I know that I held the bottle for him too long, he wants me to hold it for him (OK, that's understandable, it's easier for him to have me do it). But seriously, I'm trying to make this convenient for him. I bought a sippy cup that has a bottle nipple on it, as well as having handles. I leave said sippy cup with him at all times...filled with water, because I don't need every fabric surface in the house smelling like old rotten formula. So please, monkey, tilt the d@mn furcking sweet cup mommy got you up!

Anyone have suggestions on how to help him learn this particular life skill?
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  1. It took Corinne forever to figure it out. She actually figured out straw cups before a sippy because she didn't have to tilt it.

  2. He'll get there. Most feedings I'm putting his hands in place until he grips the bottle, then I'm holding his elbows to try and show him where to hold it.


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