Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not so good news from the last appointment...

So, while all looks pretty good with Monkey as far as organs, heart rate, and movement go, he's really small. Like, 1/2 pound smaller than he *should* be. He weighed 2lbs yesterday, and they want him to be at about 2.5lbs. So I've been told to take 2 protein drinks a day, completely ignore how much weight I'm gaining, and stay off my feet as much as possible. With all of our family here for Thanksgiving, that's not easy. For a person like me, who likes things a certain way and feels that I am the only one to be able to do them that way, it's a struggle, especially when I'm not technically on bed rest...yet.  Ben keeps trying to slow me down and make me take it easy, but I'm hosting Thanksgiving for crying out loud! I appreciate the moms helping out, but I don't want to sit there like a bump on a log while they do everything (including cleaning and putting away dishes, which I appreciate, but they aren't ever put away where they belong...ugh).

Ben is really worried. He thinks that it's partially his fault that Monkey is small, because ever since he has been home he has been wanting to go go go doing things and wanting me to cook more, etc. He swears he'll help more, but I'll believe that when it happens. It's no one's fault, it just is what it is. There was no reason to think this would be happening, so there's no blame to be placed. Hopefully these protein drinks help (oh, and staying off my feet if I can get myself to do it).

I guess I'll have a lot more time to focus on crochet and cross-stitch!

Here's the next project on the list (besides the blanket, which is SLOW to progress)
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  1. Steph! Don't worry about what the baby weighs right now! Those u/s are very inaccurate and doctors tend to alarm expecting moms for no reason..
    When I had Olivia (my first baby), they did an u/s TWO hours before she was born and I was told she was 6lbs.. she turned out to be 7lbs 14 oz, so the u/s was LITERALLY two lbs off! Don't stress too much over that.. Some babies are just small and like I said..the u/s tends to be VERY off!
    Enjoy your last 2 months! ;)


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