Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stupid Dogs

Monkey, our big boy, is accident prone. He just is. He's 2, he's energetic, he's not *completely* in control of his body 100% of the time. So he gets bumps and bruises, as most 2 year olds do. My answer to this is the Boo Boo Birdie. I found the pattern at Just Another Hang Up, and make them for Monkey. He loves them. They look like this:

Unfortunately so do the dogs. They smell the rice and then go all tazmanian devil and destroy them. I have made no fewer than 6 of these, and all of them have been destroyed (Granted, one was because Finn threw one in a toilet full of ick, and you know I wasn't about to clean it, but still).

*Sigh* Looks like I'll be at the sewing machine again tonight, making another one (or three). Maybe one will survive.

On a positive note, I successfully made swim trunks for the baby. And I have enough fabric left over for trunks for Finn, and matching hats for both. Is that too much? :)
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