Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Haircut

I was content to cut Monkey's hair all the same length. 5 minutes, a quick once over to even it out, and a trim along the neck. That's it. Ben was not happy with this plan. He said he wanted his son's hair to have "personality." Fine. You asked for it, you got it, buddy. Today we tried to do a "high fade." You know, short on the sides and in the back, blended up to a longer length on top.

I told him it wouldn't be easy. I told him that a 15-month-old will not sit still well enough to do a REALLY good's nearly impossibly to get it even when the kid moves unexpectedly all the time. But he insisted. So I tried. At first, I knew that I hadn't cut the sides/back short enough. Now it looks like Monkey has no hair because it's a lovely color where one second it's there, the next it's's a great optical illusion. His hair also still does the baby swirl right at the crown, so it splits in funny places.

Then Ben said I hadn't made the fade high enough. So I raised it. Then he said it wasn't even...I hadn't blended enough. Now he says that it makes Monkey look younger than he is. He's 15 months old...kind of hard to make him look younger with a haircut.

I think it looks OK...for a first go. Sure, the line isn't completely straight...but that was never going to happen. It's my blending I think I need to work on. It will look better in a week or so, when it's grown out a little. Apparently I now have visual representation of my learning the line of my son's hair. Until then...he'll wear hats.
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