Friday, December 3, 2010

OK, Protein shakes are taking their toll!

It's not that I won't drink them. Honestly they're not THAT bad. But I'm getting tired of them and their lovely side effects, ie the bathroom is quickly becoming my new best friend. Ick. I'm considering that tonight, for a change, I'm going to make a protein milkshake. Ice cream, milk, protein powder, and a blender. Hopefully it works.

Other than that, I LOVE the second Dr. in my perinatologist's office. He's warm, friendly, jokes around, and I don't get the impression that he's trying to escape from the exam room when I'm asking questions. PLUS whenever he's explaining something, he gives reasons and shows me my chart. Such a change from the female Dr, who wouldn't give me a straight answer to my questions if her life depended on it!

The Dr. I saw on Tuesday said that based on my history, age, and testing, he thinks that this baby is just small with no other complications. Of course, he can't be 100% certain until Monkey is born, which I completely understand (and honestly I would be very skeptical of him if he tried to give me a 100% guarantee on something like that) but it was really nice to have some reassurance. I go in for monitoring once a week until 32 weeks, at which point it will be twice a week. At 31 weeks I have my next office visit and growth scan to see if Monkey has bulked up at's hoping he has!
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