Saturday, January 23, 2010

Been a while...

Well, after a lot of discussion with  Ben and with my RE about cost, we have decided to continue trying to conceive when  Ben  gets home from deployment. We also want to try on R&R, but we know chances are slim, so really we're just going to make sure I'm on my meds in case I do get pregnant to ensure that we've done everything possible for a healthy baby.

The plan is as follows: I'm calling my RE on Monday to see about trying out different meds to get my left ovary stimulated enough to ovulate. If we succeed, I will take the same combination of meds during  Ben's R&R to give us the best possible chances of conceiving. HOWEVER...I'm not going to cut out drinking or having a good time while we're in Europe. We figure we'll just set everything up so that we possibly have a chance in hell, and then leave it up to no real stress about it then. It is, after all, the only 2 weeks we'll see each other in a year's time, so we need to enjoy that.

Then, when he gets back, I will have gotten a new referral to my RE so that we are set up and ready to try for IUI again. It's way cheaper than we thought, and we REALLY want biological children, so we figure we'll at least get through 3 full cycles of IUI before seriously considering adoption. If 3-4 cycles of IUI don't work (and considering I've gotten pregnant very quickly twice before, with all of that help I can't imagine it not working at least one of those times) we'll move on to adoption.

I still think that I'll have to at least do over the counter medication for my MTHFR as long as we're still in the "we want a kid/more kids" mindset...that way if I do ever get pregnant on an "oops" it has a good shot at being healthy. We have decided that I won't ever go back on birth control, since there's really no point...once we reach a time when we say "we've got all the kids we want"  Ben will have the little snip snip done and that's that.

Don't know how often I'll post on here, but it does feel good to get it out (plus this way I don't annoy my close friends and family with the same conversation all the time LOL!)
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  1. Hey Steph, so good to hear some news from you again! :) I'm glad you've got a plan and are moving forward! It all sounds so good, I hope it works out for you! After a second loss (Nov 08 and Nov 09) we're trying again. Hoping for the best for both of us!!

  2. I am glad that you decided to keep trying! Do you know when your husband is coming home on R&R yet?
    I really hope things will work out for you and that you will get to have a biological child soon!!!!

  3. We'll be meeting up in Europe sometime in May...of course there's no guarantee that I'll even be O'ing then, or that I'll be O'ing on my good side. I've had to come to grips with the fact that I may never have a biological child, but that doesn't mean we're going to give up!


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